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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
These people desperately need someone/something to be mad at, to be scared of, to blame. And you can't change anything. Progress is not allowed, and any attempt to fix something is a threat to their very way of life. So much easier for them to have good guys and bad guys, black and white.
If you actually believed this drivel, you'd call for strict restrictions on alcohol sales, if not outright bans on booze. After all, when that many are killed each year by drunken drivers, we should all be frightened/threatened/outraged that something isn't being done to put a stop to it. Yet you and yours utter not one word or lift one finger, unless it's to lift a mug of ale to your chops.

NO, instead we're told to ban "assault weapons" of which the definition is vague and nearly 100% based on the cosmetic appearance of the gun which basically translates to "it's big and scary and something the Terminator would carry" based on nothing more than rare, small numbers of people actually being hurt/killed by these weapons by very rare abusers of the weapon.

Now that is MENSA-worthy, brah.

Shelf that one under Why I'm No Longer a Liberal.
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