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What we think doesn't really matter - there's too many Hispanic votes to ignore. It'll come soon.
How's that? Democrats know granting amnesty doesn't translate into votes for a party; if that were the case, the GOP would have seen a spike in the 1986 amnesty debacle. Democrats offer free stuff to these people as well as catering to their national and ethnic hostilities which is what is translating to anticipated votes for them. The idea that the GOP has to go along or risk being left behind at the ballot box is one of many DNC lies being heavily pimped by the media.

We're being drowned in yet another propaganda campaign.

Anyone who thinks they'll "crack down" and "enforce the law this time" after this amnesty either wasn't alive during the 1986 amnesty when we were all fed the same ****, or they're stupid as a box of rocks.

If they aren't enforcing the law now, they never will. That is a scandal beyond all scandals and yet the government and media make-believe it's not there because they're promoting a pro-amnesty agenda.

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