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Originally Posted by mwill07 View Post
are you really putting pick-up basketball on the same level as DUI and/or using PED's?

come on now.
Yes, if he would have permentaly wrecked the knee, while having a guaranteed contract that is the same thing as being suspended for the year.

The team suffers because they do not have his talent on game day as well being unable to replace him (no money).

It is detrimental conduct to the team. The fact that DEN would have paid him or had to pay him for something that was prohibited in his contract, says volumes about Pat and his FO.

I realize that many in today's society feel entitled to do whatever they want to do because it feels good, but once your an adult and sign a contract, you should love up to it. Even as one sided as NFL contract seem to be, they should man up and do the RIGHT THING. In his case no pick up basketball.

Probably why initially it was not reported that way. He knew he did something not in his contract, was trying to weasel out.

But the truth always comes out , just like BM and his mc Donald's slip, Greise and his tripped over his dog.
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