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Originally Posted by eddie mac View Post
We only have 50 players under contract as of now so yes they all basically apply.
none of the players signed (about 15) since the EOS are accounted for in the 18.5 mil, that has been bandied about.
That amount was originally figured at about 7 mil in the increase of the cap level this year and 11.5 being carried over from the surplus of last years cap.

Since we will go to about 90 for training camp. The real amount of money we have will not be known until they make the cut down.

Can you answer a question that no me seems to know. It is my impression that even though it is based on the top 51 players on the pay roll, it also includes those on IR for the year.
do you know for sure one way or the other?

If not what would stop a team from stashing players that are marginally hurt till next year when the cap values go up or an aging vet retires, or better yet waiting out the end of a contract that is due to expire like say Kuper or Champ..

Any thoughts on that.

Correct me if any of the above is incorrect as they say you are the cap Ace..
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