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Nate Irving

Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
I agree, some coaches are very good with fundamentals, I think Ken Hitchcock is one of those guys. He goes to a new team, gets really hard on fundamentals and a simplified system which works for a while, but he lacks the ability to keep his system progressing so after a few years the message goes stale, the players tune him out and he has no answer. Therrien is definitely in that group as well.

Paul Maurice is a guy I feel is really overrated. He got super lucky that one year in Carolina going to the finals, but he is not a very good coach. He has been an NHL head coach for part of 14 seasons, been to the playoffs 5 times and had losing records 9 times. Maurice is too much of a players coach, he is soft on his players and doesn't have a system that is strong enough to overcome soft play.

Maurice is a very unimaganitive coach, however I couldn't help but laugh when you called out Mo, and two posts prior you were talking about the dump and chase being in vogue. The dump and chase was the catalyst for Mos unimaganitive style, it was basic, and it got him fired.

BTW Mo went to the Eastern conference finals with the canes in 08-09, so I don't know if it was all luck. Basic works sometimes, well...until your team fails to execute, and you have a player like Chad LaRose on your second line.
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