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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
You make good points, I just think certain guys are good at teaching the fundamentals. They may get tuned out but they are good stepping stones so to speak.

I look at Therien as someone in this group. I feel like a young Ron Wilson was part of this group before he got an inflated ego and now no one really sees him as a candidate. Paul Maurice is also one I think of in this sense although his time with the leafs was a disaster.
I agree, some coaches are very good with fundamentals, I think Ken Hitchcock is one of those guys. He goes to a new team, gets really hard on fundamentals and a simplified system which works for a while, but he lacks the ability to keep his system progressing so after a few years the message goes stale, the players tune him out and he has no answer. Therrien is definitely in that group as well.

Paul Maurice is a guy I feel is really overrated. He got super lucky that one year in Carolina going to the finals, but he is not a very good coach. He has been an NHL head coach for part of 14 seasons, been to the playoffs 5 times and had losing records 9 times. Maurice is too much of a players coach, he is soft on his players and doesn't have a system that is strong enough to overcome soft play.
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