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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
I thought what Broncos offered Clady before seemed pretty fair and Clady thought it wasn't even close right? The good news is more and more college players are ready to play then ever before. Vets think bigger rosters will help them, but really that just gives them more room for good young players.

Im i wrong in thinking that? Or does it seem like the rookies are just better then ever? Seems like a lot more start early then ever before.
He was offered a good to semi get contract considering his play the past few years. IIRC last year led the league in holding calls. Allowed more sacks than ever before. His knee IMO has never healed completely.

Now they have a hammer to use in tagging him or asking him to take a very low contract with the surgery he is going to have.

No one wants damaged goods and certainly not going to give him a huge guarantee. The question is how they tag him, do they give him a chance to be claimed and then get a draft choice for him. Iirc one of the tags we get two number ones for the guy.

I'd do that in a heart beat as most likely they will be for a team that was a bottom feeder this year.

Or just two 15s are worth more than Clady at. 12 million + a year for the next 5 years. IMHO.
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