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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
That means he still earned 2 probowls on a bum knee. Ooopppppsss did I say that out loud.

You have a pattern. You don't like Clady and DJ. Do I think that DJ is worth $6mil. No. But I do think that DJ is worth something to stay on the team. Thing is you have more against DJ who has help the team win more games then Mays who has done jack since signing his big contract. Is it because they were Shannahan draft choices?
There you go thinking again.

I have more against dumb ass because he is a dumb ass.

Just because mikey sctprewed the pooch by giving him elite money in a long term contract just compounds the problem.

Last year everyone said woe is me what are we going to do without him. The best tacklers on the team, he led the team in tackles for the past few years.

What are we going to do.?

So John fubars it by signing Mayes to a longer term semi elite LB mney.

Fact is dumb ass had a whooping 14 tackles this year and WW led the team in tackles IIRC. Mayes was cut loose after a few games when it was apparent that he was a mistake. They put a totally over the hill guy in to run the defense and we shot up 20 some odd spots in the rankings. Without dumb ass playing hardly at all and if he was in the game he was not effective. Without our two most expensive LBs on the field hardly at all.

BTW IIRC my only comments about Mayes have been in support of John, John and JDR giving him huge contract thinking he was the man. Crap happens.

As for Clady at first I had little if any love for the guy. Then he turns out to be a damned fine OT. I have given him props since and really up till he screwed the pooch and team by being stupid and playing a pick up game of BB.

While he has gained honors the past couple of years. We all know that pro bowl honors are beauty contests and that many players are voted in on a popularity contest or name recognition.

Is he one of the best? I guess if John gives him 12 million a year that question will be answered once and for all.

But if he gets tagged this year will you admit that just maybe he is not the super hero you think he is.

Somehow I doubt that you have the huevous to do that.

I have never liked players that earn millions and screw over their team mates by doing something stupid and both Clady and DJ are at the top of that list.

Dj is gone from Denver he just has not gotten the memo yet, Clady and his agent know the tag memo is coming after the shoulder surgery why have you not figured it out yet.
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