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CJ Anderson

Originally Posted by lonestar View Post
Not at all He was a great OLT until his knee got blown out, since then contrary to popular opinion he is not what he used to be..

While everyone seems to believe he deserves elite money..

With the shoulder surgery AT best he gets tagged this year.. Until he proves to the powers to be that he healed up.. which means instead of spending 12 million this year on his new contract they spend less than 10 (9.66) and have not long term commitment issues in case he does not heal up..

read it a weep..
That means he still earned 2 probowls on a bum knee. Ooopppppsss did I say that out loud.

You have a pattern. You don't like Clady and DJ. Do I think that DJ is worth $6mil. No. But I do think that DJ is worth something to stay on the team. Thing is you have more against DJ who has help the team win more games then Mays who has done jack since signing his big contract. Is it because they were Shannahan draft choices?
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