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Originally Posted by UltimateHoboW/Shotgun View Post
What is with you and Clady? Did he steal your milk money once, or something?

I mean you're talking about a OLT that's made the probowl three out of five years(should have been 4 out of 5, but 1 was stolen by Joe Thomas for no good reason). Is it because after blocking for 17 seconds to give up a sack on Tebow(in reality Tebow was running around like an idiot for 16 seconds)?
Not at all He was a great OLT until his knee got blown out, since then contrary to popular opinion he is not what he used to be..

While everyone seems to believe he deserves elite money..

With the shoulder surgery AT best he gets tagged this year.. Until he proves to the powers to be that he healed up.. which means instead of spending 12 million this year on his new contract they spend less than 10 (9.66) and have not long term commitment issues in case he does not heal up..

read it a weep..
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