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Originally Posted by Beantown Bronco View Post
Well, jeez, since you've stated it many times, it MUST be right.
Finally you are getting it.. Was wondering if that would happen..

those that are expecting loads of off season moves being made and all those biggie talented UFA are going to be very surprised..

Pat was milked almost dry in the past and has set down budget that both Josh and John have had to live under..

This year he has to spend 80% of the cap.. which means about 108 mil still about 13 mil under the cap..

If that is the case which I believe it will be there is damned little funds to waste or to play with other than just filling out the roster with inexpensive guys..

Pat just does not have the sense of urgency that many of you have.. He will put out a damned fine team, barring loads of injuries will be competitive and IF the breaks fall our way we will be in the playoffs again..

While there are a few really good posters here I suggest those that are serious go to Itsalloverfatman and listen to the real stuff..

I suspect they are a lot closer to what will happen than most on here want to believe..
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