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Originally Posted by myMind View Post
You should stop posting while drunk and or in a fugue state due to your old man alzheimers. Your grammar is horrendous and it makes you come across as an ignorant hick...which I'm sure you are. I took you off of ignore just long enough to read and reaffirm my opinion of your opinions. Well...bye.
well there you go thinking again.

Just another one of the mindless libs that need to change the subject, or attack when they can not refute a statement..

Ms. King in second grade was a grammar Nazi also, it matter back then, today I could less about what a far left liberal thinks..

read or do not read I will not lose any sleep over it..

My post was for those that have the ability to think for themselves.. Clearly you do not..

sorry but I can't help myself.. mymind is a terrible thing to waste..

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