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Originally Posted by gyldenlove View Post
It is difficult to evaluate coaches long term, the metagame changes over time which means certain styles will be more or less effective. I think the current metagame is really heavily focused on skill and puck possession which allows hyper defensive strategies relying heavily on speed and transition for offense can stand out. In a different metagame with more physical play a hyper defensive style wouldn't be nearly as effective and in a metagame focused heavily on dump and chase or trap a more flowing offensive style can really shine.

After they banned the trap by taking away all the hooking and holding in the neutral zone, we saw a team like Anaheim come up and succeed with an extremely physical and aggressive style with big players. That became the metagame, teams tried to adapt to that style and that allowed the puckmoving teams like Detroit and Pittsburgh to stand out since smaller puckmovers got cheaper to sign. Puckpossession has now become the name of the game and size and physicality has taken a backseat, this allows teams like St Louis to play a defensive style to gum up the middle, keep shots to the outside and rely on quick transitions to generate open scoring chances. I expect to see more teams move to that style and implement dump and chase as the main offensive strategy again within the next 3-5 years.
You make good points, I just think certain guys are good at teaching the fundamentals. They may get tuned out but they are good stepping stones so to speak.

I look at Therien as someone in this group. I feel like a young Ron Wilson was part of this group before he got an inflated ego and now no one really sees him as a candidate. Paul Maurice is also one I think of in this sense although his time with the leafs was a disaster.
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