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Chris Harris

I don't think there is a single Broncos fan that isn't still sick to his stomach when thinking about the playoffs and what could have been. We're all here on this forum because we're passionate about the Broncos. It had to be the perfect storm for us to lose and that's what happened. All we can hope for now is that the Broncos come into next training camp with an insatiable hunger to win it all. I know I've bought into that montra before that every team and all players and coaches come into the season hungry and I'm sure they do but when you're a team that feels it "should have" won and possible went to the Superbowl, I think there's just a bit more desire. Is that enough, I'm sure hoping so.

I know it's a passing league now but seems to me almost year in and year out the teams that do well in the playoffs, while they may be primarily a passing team, have run the ball well in the playoffs. I really hope we improve this running game. I think that's what helped us win back to back superbowls as Elway, much like Manning, was in the twilight of his career. You've got that stud back there how is always a threat to throw it but you need that running game to make it all work.
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