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Originally Posted by Dukes View Post
What about all the people who are stabbed to death? Where is their justice? We can't have all these knives being sold to just anyone. Want a new set of steak knives? Pfft.... lets see your background. People die every year from skiing accidents, who really needs to go skiing anyway? We better make it illegal to own any ingredients to making bombs as well. Don't want another Timothy McVeigh blowing up a building with fertilizer. You don't need fertilizer. The new possibilities of safety are endless.
Not to mention skiing is bad for the snow, which turns to water, which we drink. And then they have to rip out trees for the runs. Also where are the animals supposed to run to when being ran down by a 50 mph skiier?

Dukes you are on to something here. If we make enough laws not one single person will die from anything but old age. Oh and if we put money into cloning maybe not even that!

First off though we have to make alcohol illegal. It kills so many and if it even saves one life it will be worth it.
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