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Originally Posted by orangeatheist View Post
Hey Gaffe; may surprise you but I don't give a hoot what you think of me personally. Your thoughts about whether I'm a wimp or just another stupid American is worth about a bucket of spit to me. I asked you a direct question and you're doing everything you can to avoid it. I told you you need to meet people where they are. You don't just stand on a street corner with a sandwich board and a megaphone and shout your brains out calling everyone who disagrees with you names. That isn't going to work. So, I told you were I stood. Now, if you have the intellectual courage to meet me there, we can begin a discussion. Who knows? The Avenging Angel may actually be able to convince this simpleton that he really does have something worthwhile to preach.

So cut the dramatics and get to business. What is your theory involving the planet Venus? Come on, Angel, let's hear it.
You're spamming this thread. You are off topic.

This is symptomatic of your denial about 9/11.

Go start a Venus thread if like -- fine. But while you are here -- the issue is 9/11.

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