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The play Moore made was a rare mistake... a fluke. I would put money on it that if they did that play 10 more times, he would make the play every time. Safeties are taught from Pee-wee football to keep the play in front of you, especially in that situation. He made a mistake... it's time we all move on.
I'm not saying he is the long term answer for that position, and I wouldn't be upset if we drafted another guy even this year. But I don't think that this is a play Rahim Moore messes up all the time, like some are saying.
Med, I get what you are saying by the play call, that should have been quarters deep, instead of the Tampa 2, which essentially just gave Rahim that 1/3 of the field to cover. But I cannot just simply believe that an NFL safety is that dumb.
Personally I thought Rahim made great improvements, and played well for us during the season, he just got beat and looked bad doing it at the most unfortunate time.

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