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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Price I just explained Carters reaction on the main Board. You need to understand the zone relationships here to assign blame. The biggest blame goes to JDR for calling a Tampa 2 like coverage instead of quarters. Carters responsiblity there is to play underneath and to keep the catch in bounds. Watch it again, he does just that. He looks like he is jogging because he can not believe Moore blew his responsibility to stay deep on that play! Watch Leonards reaction and Brutons as well.

That play was not an anomaly though. It happened exactly like that earlier in the season, but everyone gave Moore a pass because the other team did not catch the ball. Carter is not a great CB, but he was not the problem on that play....
I read your post earlier, and I read the whole IAOFM breakdown but then this came out in the Denver Post today...

Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
"Carter, lined up 6 yards off Jones at the snap, was supposed to "jam" Jones before the receiver got through the 5-yard contact zone in order to keep Jones from sprinting up the sideline. If no receiver was in the flat in the shorter area near the sideline Carter was supposed to follow Jones up the sideline after the jam. He did neither."
Originally posted in the "Nit-Picking Tony Carter" thread. Not sure what to believe, but I do know the play call wasn't to just half-assedly jog 5-yards behind the receiver, then stop and walk while he catches the ball. Champ was on the other side of the field, and didn't play his WR that way.

Here's IAOFM's picture:

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