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Ryan Clady

Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
Yeah, I can't see Reddick lasting until the fifth. And why are we taking both a RT and a OG. If we take a RT, Franklin moves inside, making Kuper or Beadles a backup. We don't need to spend another pick on a depth position when we need a starting MLB.
Agree to disagree Rascal.

As much as I like Kuper, his body is betraying him and he won't be around much longer. Beadles did have a nice year, but he has probably reached his max potential. I'm looking at this long term being setup for Osweiler.

MLB is one of the weaker positions in this draft according to most of the draft "experts." Really don't see many ILB's with first round grades or that are difference makers in the later rounds. It's still early though. Reddick is currently listed as a 4-5 round rounder by

Fluker takes over for Franklin. Franklin displaces Beadles. Warford gets groomed behind Kuper for a year or two. Lastly, here's hoping Blake grows into the Center position. We'd be set on the OL for quite some time.

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