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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
This is a more brief response so I'll quote this one.. Tony Carter did nothing on the play. But.. Moore does not loose blame because Carter was lost. Moore misjudged the ball, had horrible technique from the start of the play, and let a player get behind him, the ultimate no no on such a play.

But his bad technique showed the entire season.. Not just one play.
No, Moore does not lose blame...however. Moore did not screw up from lack of trying. He screwed up because he keyed underneath for too long, than went for the INT. He played the ball wrong by 6 inches (which can be fixed). Carter didn't try to do anything at any point during the play...and I've seen him do that exact same thing several times throughout the season.

The Broncos need a lot of things, and leadership from the Safety position is one of them. That being said, Rahim Moore is the best Safety on the Broncos roster. I'm willing to give him another year, but wouldn't be adverse to drafting a Safety *IF* they are the BPA at that pick (to replace Adams). That could be in the 2nd round with a guy like Jonathan Cyprien or Phillip Thomas. However, I think upgrading the CB position (either via draft, or FA) should be higher on the list than drafting another 2nd round Safety. The draft is deep in 2nd round CB's, and the Broncos need an infusion of talent at that position. Tracy Porter will be gone, Champ is slowing down, and Tony Carter is in my doghouse...not to mention MLB, where Med pointed out Chase Thomas as a viable 2nd round pick. Too many needs, too few picks.

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