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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
I just went back and checked my notes on Moore coming out in college, and he DID NOT play the slot WR or TE in man coverage underneath in college either. I had needs better instincts and needs to clean up Man coverage technique to impact at the next level as a FS.

So far, not so good. 2 years as a FS and still not anywhere near a playmaker. I really do not understand why people defend him to this point. Kid is a classic underachiever with a ton of talent and no brain. You would think he would have at least corrected his physical technique by now.
I just believe he can get better and hope he will. He has demonstrated that in parts of his game, but as you said mentally he isn't getting it. There are obvious issues there, but he was not a player I saw consistently getting beat in assingments on a regular basis on this team, nor the worst defender in our secondary. He is not a Pro-Bowl player and he isn't dogcrap. He is just going to turn 23 and should be given another shot to prove himself.

He should have stayed in college for one more year at UCLA to refine his game. There definitely needs to be a challenging prospect or veteran with him next season, but Denver needed that anyways. I don't think you are hating on him either. You have been nothing but objective -- but some people have advocated that we need to get rid of him completely. Crazy talk!

IMHO, that doesn't make sense. It wouldn't be an addition by subtraction situation. We need a talent infusion at safety. I am hopeful that Carter can come back from his microfracture surgery and that Denver re-signs Bruton for special teams duty. I am not sure they bring back Jim Leonhard, but I see nothing wrong with it if they do. At the very least, we need a starting level caliber player to go for either FS or SS for the future. Adams is never going to be a long-term guy here and what we have elsewhere are situational or role players. I just want more competition at a spot that is obviously mediocre.
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