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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
So you guys want to draft a DE and move Wolfe inside? How would that work with Von?
I want the Broncos to draft BPA at all times.

However, a true impact strongside 4-3 DE who can start immediately (Montgomery...not Alex Okafor or Dion Jordan) and move Wolfe inside (replacing Bannan) would benefit the Defense greatly, if he is available at #28. Von will play the same role he's always played.

How would that benefit the Broncos?
1. It would enable the Broncos to have true ability to rush the passer in the Base 4-3 Defense (something they can't do now).
2. Instead of substituting half the line in obvious pass-rushing situations...only Vickerson would be replaced (by an extra DB). Decreasing confusion.
3. It would give the Broncos more edge contain against the run (which they have problems with now, especially in Nickel). Dumervil isn't good against the run, and Wolfe (though he does a good job) does not penetrate as far up the field on the outside as is necessary sometimes.
4. Wolfe is much better attacking OG's and C's, than he is at attacking OT's (who are superior blockers). A true impact 4-3 DE is necessary to get off the block of a good NFL OT.
5. Contrary to what some have suggested, Von Miller does not need the 'protection' of Derek Wolfe. What Von Miller needs is either an impact NT who truly deserves a double-team (not Vickerson), or another pass-rush threat who can play all over the formation (Montgomery)...enabling Von to really become a wildcard, and not just be singled out every snap for a double-team.
6. If either Dumervil, or Miller were to be injured...the Broncos Defense becomes very beatable.
7. Adding someone like Montgomery enables each Defensive Lineman (including Miller) to do what they do best no matter the formation.
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