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Originally Posted by That One Guy View Post

Tell me they didn't exclude Mexico just because it'd ruin their stats.

Also, how does Estonia and Slovakia make it into the developed world stats when I don't see Brazil and some of the other countries that are routinely mentioned as rough places.
Ruin the stats??

Mexico and Brazil are NICs, (newly industrialized country) somewhere between a third and first world country. That's why they are not included, neither were China or India for the same reason.

How does that effect the US gun murder rate??

It is by far the worst industrialized country, no other comes close, and is topped only by mostly war zones and lawless countries. Gun ownership may not be the sole cause, but arming every idiot, wacko, gang banger and terrorist in the country is.

But, USA, USA, we're number 1. (grunt for full effect) Better??

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