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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
If the DE has the size, technique, and ability to set the edge, stop the run, and generate pressure. Would need to be a 3-4 DE.. Someone like Hunt or Jones, or a later round prospect like Gholston.
Hunt is not the playmaker yet to draft in the first round. Dude is the epitomy of the Boom or bust pick, and I do NOT take the opportunity cost of drafting him with 28.

Jones on the other hand, may not be there. If he is, then I would absolutely pull the trigger. JDR can change the fronts to accomodate that type of Dominant up the field Athlete at LDE. You can never have enough of that type of DL or front seven player on a defense. It just increases the number of one on one matchups for the pass rushers.

Have not seen enough of Gholston to comment.

The other guy who could fit would be Okafor, but I HATE Texas DL as anyone here can tell you. I never buy there production as they have failed to place one significant DL in the league since Casey Hampton. The did have Brian Orakpo, however he is OLB technically and I did give him an exemption coming out after watching his film.
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