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Princes of Tara

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
I started into some of that stuff. The LDS have tons of info in the Denver Library. I discovered that my paternal line springs from the same clan as Eric the Red and Lief Ericson, who of course were driven from Norway for being cattle thieves. But other than that...

The reason I gave up on it was because of the numbers game. Go back 7 generations and you're talking about 128 direct ancestors. And that's just the great, great, great, etc grandparents.

I guess the coolest thing I've found is documents going back into the 1700s where we had people leave Germany to Kleinliebental (outside Odessa, Ukraine) and then in on their way to America in the early 1800s. I look at pictures of the village my family left in the Ukraine and look at where they settled in America and it's no surprise. Flatlands, prairies. All the damn same. It's a German-Russian thing I guess.
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