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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by RedskinBronco View Post
This season will be a cluster****.

In all fairness to NYI, they have actually been playing pretty well despite their record. They are a very good offensive team. Having said that, I am sure Bylsma is feeling the heat since there were rumblings last year.

Flyers and Caps are so screwed. It's about damn time Mcphee is fired and honestly Ted is a ****ing bastard too, so **** him. Oates has a good system and they did it so well for 2 periods tonight but then returned to crap hockey. Just not a well constructed team.

Sacco does need to go. Re: stastny, it's become a damn pattern with all these long term contracts. I applaud Montreal for only giving Subban 2 years.

I hope Landeskog gets healthy soon because he is so damn important to the avs. I can feel that guy is going to be a great winner in this league. He is all about winning.

So far, I would say Tampa and Chicago are probably the most impressive. San Jose is doing their normal **** that won't work in the playoffs. I see they still have issues with the Ducks and their big bodies. Same old sharks.

My sleeper pick is Montreal. A Michel Therien coached team with Carey Price in net and a top PP is going to scare a lot of teams. I think they get in and scare some top seeds.

Just like the NHL season, I'm all over the place with my comments tonight
The Isles have quietly assembled a pretty good team, they have Tavares who only plays offensive hockey but does it very well, Grabner, Boyes and Nielsen is about as good a 2nd line as there is in hockey right now, they are all solid on defense, have good speed and I am expecting all 3 of those guy to put up between 30 and 45 points this season with solid +/- ratings. Getting Nabokov to come and play really solidified their major weakness.

I think a large number of coaches and a few GMs are really getting on the hot seat right now - Pittsburgh, Rangers, Flyers, Panthers and Hurricanes all should be better than they are, in the west I think Vancouver will need to improve or Vignault is going to be feeling some heat as well. The Caps needs to pull the plug, switch the entire front office and move on.

Sacco is not a good fit for Colorado, it is a young team and they need a coach who can really bring up the youngsters.

I don't like Montreal, they are doing their best Florida or Toronto imitation, surprising early on but down the stretch they will fade.
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