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I still dont understand why you gun nuts think the government is going to try and keep you from owning a gun. I really dont give a **** if you own a handgun, hunting rifle, or shotgun. Neither do they. A ban on civilians owning assault weapons of any kind and making the registration proccess to own normal firearms more stringent is not an attack on our constitutional rights. You can still own guns people, calm down.

...and as to the second ammendment, I also don't understand how one compound sentence, written hundreds of years ago by people who had to fight a war in their own backyard is treated like some god given right akin to drawing breathe. The world we live in now is so different. Here is a fun fact, it was suggested by our founding father Thomas Jefferson that the constitution be rewritten every 19 years, so that the dead could not rule the living.

"His argument was that if Americans weren't vital stakeholders in that foundational document, they would become distanced from governance itself," Phillips explains.
"And the politicians from the president on down would become 'like wolves.' "

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