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This season will be a cluster****.

In all fairness to NYI, they have actually been playing pretty well despite their record. They are a very good offensive team. Having said that, I am sure Bylsma is feeling the heat since there were rumblings last year.

Flyers and Caps are so screwed. It's about damn time Mcphee is fired and honestly Ted is a ****ing bastard too, so **** him. Oates has a good system and they did it so well for 2 periods tonight but then returned to crap hockey. Just not a well constructed team.

Sacco does need to go. Re: stastny, it's become a damn pattern with all these long term contracts. I applaud Montreal for only giving Subban 2 years.

I hope Landeskog gets healthy soon because he is so damn important to the avs. I can feel that guy is going to be a great winner in this league. He is all about winning.

So far, I would say Tampa and Chicago are probably the most impressive. San Jose is doing their normal **** that won't work in the playoffs. I see they still have issues with the Ducks and their big bodies. Same old sharks.

My sleeper pick is Montreal. A Michel Therien coached team with Carey Price in net and a top PP is going to scare a lot of teams. I think they get in and scare some top seeds.

Just like the NHL season, I'm all over the place with my comments tonight
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