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Originally Posted by Vegas_Bronco View Post
Me too....on that topic was gene a taildragger fan? I have always wanted a supercub....or better yet a dehaviland beaver/otter.
That is a great question, I don't think he had a lot of free time to do much flying after he joined NASA but he was a test pilot and fighter jock before that. I envision him teaching the Blue Angels stuff.

He flew an F-86 Saber so I see him flying some hopped up P-51 or homebrew plane that has a bomber engine modded into it. Something fast. I don't picture Gene dropping into a lake to fish or camp for the night then fly out.

I always was in awe of the common pilot who flys into these tiny airports to have breakfast or attend some fly-in event. Rich or poor it is always good to have money.
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