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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
In his defense we never got to see Hunter to play. And they got Warren to restructure and take a pay cut, which actually save a crap ton of money over the bloated contract that McDaniels saddled the organization with. I personally believe Wolfe was going to play regardless since Del Rio was on record suggesting as much as early as the second week of camp. Also, Wolfe is exhibit A in his favor. Where Mediator is insisting we give Girgson credit for the "best defensive lineman" who never played a down in Chapman, then Elway gets credit for trading back and picking the second best (and probably will play longer than the best) DT prospect that actually DID play in the second round.

And the rookies not playing is more to do with Fox's MO going back to Carolina than Elway's and CO's drafts.

I think letting Garcon go and then seeing him do amazing until he got a foot injury and having Andrew Luck land in your lap doesn't = greatest GM'ing this season. Sorry.

Personally, I am very curious to see how this next draft class develops against the last since the much maligned Xanders will have had zero impact on it.
I can not believe you of all people are being so Myopic here. Is there anyone here who is more qualified than me to evaluate both of these teams having lived and breathed both the whole year?

Grigson won 9-8 in a very deserving way. Elway would have won if one of those votes were switched! It is not like he was snubbed here at all! Both of them did tremendous Jobs this last season and both teams improved dramatically, kudos to both guys.

I just hate the Elway was snubbed crap. He was one vote changing hands from winning.

As for the draft though, its a no brainer Grigson killed it this year better than anyone else with first year production from the rookie class. 6 of his first 7 selections started or played meaningful minutes this season. The only one who did not, was Josh Chapman who played 5 games without an ACL for Alabama in order to secure the NCAA title. And, he selected him in the fifth round in order to basically redshirt him when he NEEDED DL help this season. That was a ballsy move, but since only 2 other 5th rounders did anything for their teams THIS year and Grigson drafted one of those 2 in Vick Ballard as well, I call that a pretty damn shrewd move.

While I loved DEN's draft overall, it was nowhere close to being in the same breath with its first year effectiveness. Only 2 of the guys played meaningful minutes this year out of the 7, 3 saw spot duty, and 2 never saw the field basically.

Did Grigson inherit the first round pick of the decade with Luck being there, yes. However, that was not all he did at all. Just like signing Manning was not all Elway did at all. However, you are also kidding yourself if you think this team would have made the playoffs if Manning did not work out or got hurt. I could have easily replaced Tombstone's "Luck" post with "Manning" and made the EXACT same argument he did. Without Manning, Elway is not up for executive of the year either.

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