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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Rohirrim View Post
Which I guess is why Milus is no longer with us.
Hold on, Milus screwed up because one of his players made the same mental and technical error he made 3 weeks before the playoff game at the worst strategically placed time. That he did not correct and get Moore to execute that coverage correctly would be grounds for dismissal.

The playcall, well that comes from the DC. Yes, Del Rio gets to have the same shame Lebeau had in DEN the previous year with the game on the line. He made a terrible playcall at the worst possible time. I am glad they did not go full on prevent defense, but rush 3 and have your deep safety bite on an underneath route and allow the WR to get behind him and then still play the ball technically wrong to confound the mental errors

Del Rio simply made a tremendous playcalling error. The shame is, they played so well in the fourth Quarter and finished so many games this year. Best fourth Quarter defense in the league by many measures during the regular season. Why play like its a first grade developmental league and work on playing the marker? Just play four deep and keep the damn ball in front and in bounds!
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