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Originally Posted by orangeatheist View Post
So, let's do this, Avenging Angel! Since I'm already so close-minded and stupid about the 9/11 Truth, why don't you soften me up with a topic I'm already interested in? Take me to school on the issue of Venus and convince me that you really are a intellectual Juggernaut who commands serious attention. You see, you have to meet people where they ARE if you want to lead them somewhere else. Well, right now, I'm AT the Venus question. So, have at, Avenging Angel! Display that powerhouse intellect of yours regarding the history of the solar system's second planet. I'm ready to take notes!
Your country has been stolen from the people and you don't give a hoot.

This is the extent of my displeasure with you.

9/11 is key here because 9/11 was another coup by the banksters. Their power increased dramatically after 2001. They run America.

200 years ago our forefathers fought a war of independence from the Bank of London. King George was merely the puppet king. The real power then as now was with the bankers.

We gained our freedom -- and now have lost it again.

And you don't care. This is why I take you to task. You wimp.

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