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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Dude, you are missing half the boat. He let Manning go and then drafted a rookie QB to replace him, instead of just drafting "Luck" and having him sit and learn behind Manning like Rodgers did with Favre.

He also made some damn good FA moves, decided to Keep Wayne but cut half the underperforming roster Polian's idiocy left behind including Saturday, Clark, Let Garcon go in FA, Gary Brackett, and Melvin Bullet. He made an in season trade for Vontae Davis to finally get one legit CB on the roster and then signed Darius Butler off waivers to replace an injured Jerraud Powers. He signed A new Starting Center in Satele, beefed up the DL with Cory redding, and helped Antoine Bethea with getting Tom Zbikowski at Safety. Then, he got an UDFA LB to come in third in the NFL in tackles this year in Jerrel Freeman.

The key though is he did not make any headscratcher moves or miss really on any thing he did this year. Heck, he even drafted the hands down Best NT in last years draft KNOWING he would have to sit the year in Alabama's Josh Chapman.

The Colts still have some roster Holes, but nothing like Bill Polian left them. He does deserve to be in the mix and even win.
Meh, face it. Grigson was forced to rebuild and by definition that's what he did, he rebuilt the team. Yes, he did a good job but if you for one second deny that drafting Luck was not the best thing to do all things considered then you are kidding yourself. Luck is the key to all of it.

Luck is the reason why Manning was let go. Luck is the main reason why the team made the playoffs, he threw the damn ball like what, 40-50 times a game?

Yes, I will give Grigson some much deserved credit. But I'm in no way a homer by saying Elway did it better and deserves this accolade.
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