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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I can't believe they're giving him credit for Luck. Like anyone anywhere wouldn't have taken Luck. And honestly, if he decided to go with RGIII it would have been not that bad. He happened into a draft with good players and the first pick and suddenly he's "Executive of the year." What a bunch of crap.
Yep. So what if Grigson drafted Luck. It's as close to a no brainer as you'll ever get. On the flip side, Elway gets no credit for signing Manning when in fact it took a brilliant executive to get Manning in the first place. Also, Elway's FA acquistions are solid, not to mention solid drafting.

Yes, Grigson did well but getting Luck was luck. The rest of the draft would mean jack diddly squat without a whole lotta luck.

screw thesportingnewsasscans. That website is trash anyway. I like their magazine, but their website is a class A crapfest IMHO.
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