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You have to wonder if the Broncos are going to leave Wolfe at DE in base formations and move him inside on passing downs like they do now, or just move him inside next season full time. In JDR's scheme, he'll need to bulk up some to do it, but it would make sense, depending on what happens with big Vick. I'd like to see the Broncos get the big pocket collapsing NT in the draft. A Jesse Williams, John Jenkins, Brandon Williams type of prospect.

You're right though. Logan would be a DE in this scheme as long as JDR is here.
Wolfe will probably be staying at DE, though he plays and his position in this scheme is that of a DT..he is so very important to Von's success. And the more Wolfe and Von develop, the better and more dynamic they will be. As long as Von is playing OLB, we will need Wolfe, or similar player at DE.
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