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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I can't believe they're giving him credit for Luck. Like anyone anywhere wouldn't have taken Luck. And honestly, if he decided to go with RGIII it would have been not that bad. He happened into a draft with good players and the first pick and suddenly he's "Executive of the year." What a bunch of crap.
Executives are judged by what they do in April, not March. Elway won a popularity contest with Manning and everyone had a pretty good idea that whatever team got him would be a good team with him. So if any of the other GM's in that race were to sign a known HOF QB instead of Elway, should they get this award?

What has Elway done in the draft besides the DT this year?

If you're going to discount Luck, then Von gets the same treatment. Both were layup picks. It's not exactly rocket science to draft the player who was by far the most dominant pass rusher ever to go to the Senior Bowl and had everyone and their grandma say that he's the most dominant pass rusher who is a Derrick Thomas clone.

Grigson had a fantastic draft in almost every round that helped his team go from 1st pick in the draft to the playoffs. He earned it.
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