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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by ZONA View Post
Didn't the Ravens throw a guard out at LT for the playoffs, he's doing a decent job. Then you have guys that were high 1st round picks at LT in the league that are now playing guards because they sucked at LT. It's a crap shoot. Clady is really good. Don't know if he's dominant like he once used to be but still really good. I think the Broncos will try to sign him but they won't just open the vault to his agent. It's got to be a reasonable deal for both sides or the deal won't get done. Between 8-10 million I think the deal gets done for both sides. Lower, Clady won't sign, higher, the Broncos won't sign.
The other way around. They had a G at RT during the regular season and it nearly got Joe Flacco killed, they moved Mckinnie (who has played LT for 10 years or so for Minnesota and Baltimore) to LT when he was ready to go, moved Oher to RT and moved Osemele to G where he belongs. If anything the Baltimore situation shows the importance of not just drafting a good young guy and throwing him at tackle and hoping - having a proven LT is important.
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