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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
Take the hose out of your mouth and step away from the huka bar...

Logan sounds like a backup NFL UT to me, who could (maybe) develop into a starter. Nothing to get overly excited about. I would rather get a starting DB in round 2...not a marginal DT.

When JDR was with the Ravens, he was the LB coach...not the DC. They had Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams (two 340-350 pound behemoths) at DT, and Micheal McCrary and some dude named Rob Burnett at DE (both weighed 260 lbs.). I have no idea where you keep getting this idea that the Broncos need a 300 lb. DE...we don't have a 3 man line (where you would typically need a bigger DE)...we have a 5 or 4 man line.

If you want a huge mofro to replace Bannan or Vickerson, then will get your chance, this draft has a few (John Jenkins, Brandon Williams). For some reason, you keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, it's almost McDaniels-esque. Also, the Broncos Defense did fine stopping the rush up the middle in 2012, so drafting a 2 down NT isn't really a need. Put Wolfe in at UT and call it. Problem solved.

price I'm done with you.
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