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Originally Posted by DBroncos4life View Post
Bennie Logan, DT from LSU sounds like a perfect DE in our scheme.

Quick off the snap and capable of handling double-teams due to his strength and use of leverage, Logan is a load in the middle and a big reason as to why LSU ranked fifth in the country last year in run defense.

Those close to LSU are excited about Logan's potential not only due to his natural skill-set but because of his commitment to improving.
Take the hose out of your mouth and step away from the huka bar...

Logan sounds like a backup NFL UT to me, who could (maybe) develop into a starter. Nothing to get overly excited about. I would rather get a starting DB in round 2...not a marginal DT.

When JDR was with the Ravens, he was the LB coach...not the DC. They had Tony Siragusa and Sam Adams (two 340-350 pound behemoths) at DT, and Micheal McCrary and some dude named Rob Burnett at DE (both weighed 260 lbs.). I have no idea where you keep getting this idea that the Broncos need a 300 lb. DE...we don't have a 3 man line (where you would typically need a bigger DE)...we have a 5 or 4 man line.

If you want a huge mofro to replace Bannan or Vickerson, then will get your chance, this draft has a few (John Jenkins, Brandon Williams). For some reason, you keep trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, it's almost McDaniels-esque. Also, the Broncos Defense did fine stopping the rush up the middle in 2012, so drafting a 2 down NT isn't really a need. Put Wolfe in at UT and call it. Problem solved.

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