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Bmore Manning

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Originally Posted by Rascal View Post
It is posts like this why people don't like you. You come off as a condenscending a-hole, and nobody likes that.

If you have an opinion of a player fine, back it up and present your opinion. Just because somebody disagrees with you is asinine to talk like that. Everybody as an a-hole, some are just bigger. And apparently yours is bigger. Bigger is not better.
It's to the same poster. One who doesn't watch any actual games/tape of college prospects, just reads stats and has an opinion. And we have already been down this road on Moore with this particular poster, it's wasted effort to do it again.

He thinks Wolfe is not good as a DE in our scheme and his replacement is a light weight weak side rusher, essentially negating the use of Von Miller. Now when someone has such crazy ideas, why would I or someone else want to keep explaining how hes not correct?
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