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Paul Ernster

Originally Posted by TheReverend View Post
Well, he also cleaned house, hired the coaching staff that's currently front runners for COY, etc.

A guy like TY Hilton had 860 yards as a part time rookie.
Vick Ballard had over another 800.

...where's our mid round picks playing like that? In fact, we haven't really had any significant impact from players of this year's draft.

IMO, if you write off selecting Luck because "anyone would have", then does the same logic apply to receiving the award just because you convinced Manning to sign on the dotted line?
agreed, Manning was no slam dunk but pretty dang close considering we watched the guy workout.

Also considering they overhauled most of their roster including FA pick ups I dont mind Grigson winning at all.

Denver did make the playoffs last year and were already a good team, Peyton is what made them GREAT
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