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Originally Posted by Bmore Manning View Post
Med don't waste your time. We both feel the same way about Moore and were vocal about it after the Falcons loss. People seem to think because he cleaned up form tackling, that he has the mental make up of a talented FS. Don't waste your time with someone who doesn't know how or what to evaluate when watching players.
His technique is terrible, and we could go on and on about what he lacks and it's not all predicated from one beyond horrible play.

Phillip Thomas would not be a wasted pick, he is physical and has good abilities in coverage, so I will ask again, where would you project him FS or SS?
It is posts like this why people don't like you. You come off as a condenscending a-hole, and nobody likes that.

If you have an opinion of a player fine, back it up and present your opinion. Just because somebody disagrees with you is asinine to talk like that. Everybody as an a-hole, some are just bigger. And apparently yours is bigger. Bigger is not better.
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