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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
I don't know that "seriously lowers" is accurate. The Broncos FO, Clady, and Clady's agent all know that there are several teams that would be willing to pay him top tier LT money. That's pretty much where his value starts and ends. He's never missed a game in his career, is the best FA LT available, and is expected to be ready to start the 2013 season.
No, it's accurate. The single most contentious contract problem is trying to sign someone to a new contract before they can pass a NFL physical. Clady will not be able to do that before training camp. You are seeing it from Only the agent's perspective here, the teams will absolutely balk at signing a player who can not pass a physical and the league will usually not approve the contract either.

In this case, the player of his caliber almost always will get franchised because he can not pass the physical. Plus, the two injuries are Joints not soft tissue, which means they can be chronic and cause perfromance to drop drastically. Personally, I still think Clady is a little off from his first 2 years ability physically. Another injury, an essential one in protecting the QB is an issue for GM's.
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