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Originally Posted by pricejj View Post
I can't believe people are willing to throw away Rahim Moore and draft another 2nd round Safety (like Phillip Thomas, who is older than Rahim) for one bad play. How many Safeties have the Broncos gone through in the last 5 years? How many Defensive Coordinators? Is it realistic that Fox and Elway would do that? Doubtful.

If you're talking about upgrading Mike Adams, that's fine...although he had a good year, and played well. The problem is guarding TE's. Elam won't be there at the Broncos pick in the 2nd round, and I wouldn't expect Cyprien to come in and play better than Mike Adams.

There are NO Safeties that will be available at #28, that are even close to the 28th best player in the draft, so drafting a Safety at #28 would be a major reach. #1 CB's are FAR more valuable than reaching on a Safety in the 1st round. If there is one available (not sure if Johnthan Banks or Jordan Poyer are that guy), you would pick the #1 CB without question.
I do not think you jetison Rahim Moore like trash brother, they have a lot invested in him. However, I also want to address the position to keep Rahim honest in the offseason, because he did not improve his pass coverage techniques last year at all, and he needs to be properly motivated to improve. He has all the physical elements, but playing safety at this level is all about being mentally superior and diagnosing situational and individual tendencies of teams. The great safeties are not just good athletes, the Reed, Polamalu, Berry, and Thomas's of the Elite are world class play diagnosers. This is the most important thing Moore lacks at this point, outside of someone cleaning up his footwork and decision making skills in pass coverage.

What I would readily advocate, is there are a TON of solid CB conversion to FS players in this draft that could also come in and play Nickel CB/Big nickle type. I have already eliminated 5 potential CB's as much better FS prospects. One of these in the middle rounds like 4-5 would be a much better option than another early safety IMHO.

As far as getting a First round CB at 28, I doubt one of the Elite guys will be there. However, the second tier is HUGE this year and we could get one at 57 IMHO. If one is there and they are BPA I would be OK with that, but at this point I sincerely doubt that will occur.

I also think we could get a real solid MIKE in the 3-4 round range. I will say this, the Positions of need are looking real deep for DEN this year. They could be lined up to catch dropping value at their draft spot and still fill the needs. It's still too early to be sure, but I like the class for what I perceive to be their needs.
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