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This is not related to the Senior Bowl, but it is draft related.

If there is an elite pass rusher, a franchise LT, a defensive leader, or a true #1 CB available at #28, you pick him. As everybody knows, you always try to pick the BPA (at least BPA at a position of need). We don't know who that guy will be yet, but we can make an educated guess based on what we know so far

Elite pass rusher - Sam Montgomery - gives the Broncos true ability to rush the passer AND stop the run from the closed end position...allowing Wolfe to move inside where he is most effective. Drafting Montgomery would truly give the Broncos the ability to generate pressure with a 4 man rush. If Montgomery is within striking distance you need to get him.

Franchise LT - Lane Johnson or D.J. Fluker - Lane Johnson probably won't be available after his stellar performance at the Senior Bowl. Is Fluker a franchise LT? I don't know, but if he is available...take him and save yourself $10M which you can't afford.

Defensive Leader - Manti Te'o or Kevin Minter - both prospects seem to have fallen out of the top 32 in the last couple weeks. If either is available at #28 (and Montgomery or a franchise LT are gone) I would be surprised if the Broncos passed.

#1 CB - Johnthan Banks or Jordan Poyer - is either one of these guys truly a #1 CB? They have great ball skills, but are they fast enough to keep up with elite WR's? We will have to see how fast they run at the combine for me to truly give them consideration at #28.

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