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Originally Posted by Requiem View Post
Players To Cut: (Doesn't Equal Total Savings, but this is their cap figure)

DJ Williams -- 6 million
Joe Mays -- 4 million
Caleb Hanie -- 1.25 million
Andre Caldwell -- 900 thousand
Julius Thomas -- 555 thousand

Roughly 12.5 million.

Kuper, Bailey, Dumervil (whose deal becomes more friendly by 2M each year from now on) and even Manning should consider restructuring to save us a few scheckles down the road. Some good young players are going to need that money. Lucky for us, we have some players with high salaries who are fading into the sunset.

We are going to be FINE cap wise.
Plus, they hire special people to work the cap. I don't get why fans get all madden and worry about cap numbers.
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