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Originally Posted by Mediator12 View Post
Well, that sucks for Clady. He is an elite LT, but he has now has 2 major injuries in 4 years that require surgery to fix. Seriously lowers his negotiating ability. What makes it even worse though, is he will almost definitely get franchised instead of signing a long term deal this offseason. The deal would help our cap, a hell of a lot more than a franchise tag. Paymeaton is going to have to restructure that ludicrous contract and help out if they want to sign any FA's of significance IMHO.
Well, define "of significance." There's 18 mil of room, and that's before you cut the likes of DJ, Mays, Prater? McGahee? Hanie? Also, it'd be nice if Peyton restructured, but it'd also be sweet if Dumervil and Champ did too.
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