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You can not cut block in those drills though Maybe the OC's figured out HOW to block him in college. Dude Certainly is not going to get up after getting cut and make a play.

As I said earlier, good DL can avoid getting cut block with solid technique and effort. TAHt can be easily corrected. Playing high though, is a lack of fitness and discipline. Going to have to watch for that when I get there.

I am still on DB's and a ton of these guys are good, but a bunch need to be a FS at the next level. Way too many tall, 4.5+, stiff hipped CB's on the back end of the draft. The small school guys are getting scouted way better like Alford and BW Webb and getting put higher initially.
I like Brandon Williams, I have been beating that drum for quiet some time. I don't think he's a first round pick, especially with some of the bigger school guys getting majority of the recognition. But.. some of the safeties we are looking at are in that same 2-3 round range.

Jenkins is deff not getting up and making a play, but I think he can refine his technique and work on leverage. I would assume we stay in our two gap scheme, so I would like a disruptive two gap player. Jenkins could fit that mold, Short could fit in, though he may be better in a traditional 4-3.. Williams is by far my favorite, he's a combo of those two players.. But why take him in the first if he's there in the second? I'm curious if we do take 2 safeties in the draft or if we envision Thomas as a FS..? Where do you think Thomas is a better fit?

Also can you shed some light on Will Davis for me.. CB Utah State.
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