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CJ Anderson

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Today, we’re going to be serious, and we’re going to dismiss all of the delusions of grandeur that a lot of fans and reporters have. A football team has to plan for both the short term, as well as the long term, and the long-term planning that the Broncos face doesn’t allow for the big splash signings that get people excited.

Let’s start by doing some math, and by understanding how the Broncos currently sit structurally within the constraints of the salary cap. The cap in 2013 is expected to be around $121 million, and the Broncos currently look like they’ll have $18.5 million at the beginning of the NFL year. It’s easy to think that they can just go out and spend $18.5 million in average annual value on free agents, but it’s not that simple.

If you think structurally about the Broncos, they’re very star-heavy. Here are the 2013 cap numbers for their five highest-paid players:

Player Cap number
Peyton Manning $20,000
Elvis Dumervil $12,500
Champ Bailey $10,500
D.J. Williams $6,900
Von Miller $5,300
Total $55,200
Total (excluding Williams) $48,300
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