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Malik Jackson

Originally Posted by Obushma View Post
LMAO, this is from the guy who was FOR the US bailout. In fact, the hypocrisy in the replys, is priceless.

Three liberals who all SUPPORTED bailing out the banks in the US, now applaud the model of austerity and telling the banks to go **** themselves.

I have always said that Obama's biggest blunder was his failure to indict and prosecute the banksters. From day one. I also supported an external bank bailout where the officers of the banks were indicted and/or fired and interim officers appointed to manage the banks, a form of nationalization that was used in Ireland, Iceland and Sweden, to different degrees. To just let the banks collapse would have been a disaster. To simply leave their debts unpaid would have been a disaster. The taxpayer bailout and the coverage of their liabilities was the right course to follow, but the failure to take control of the banks, and indict the bankers, was a gross mistake.

I know the extemist Austrians you support wanted to just allow everything to collapse, but then you are punishing those who have committed no crime along with the criminals. Iceland covered the banks' liabilities, but also nationalized them to protect the taxpayers first, and indicted the banksters. This is what Obama should have done. The Austrian scorched earth dogma was extremist and idiotic.
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